10-12 September 2018 //  Lancaster Royal Hotel, London


Akihiro Shimosaka

Dr Akihiro Shimosaka

Chairperson, Asian Cellular Therapy Organization

From Discovery research to clinical development as well as regulatory frame work EPO, G-CSF, TPO, SCF, α-galactosyl ceramide, DC, Exosome, Regenerative Cellular Therapy, Immuno Cellular Therapy, Regulatory activity to establish new standard for biologics and cellular products in USA, Europe and Asia

Business opportunity (in the past, but no business relationship with any company today)

Kirin, Kirin-Amgen, Miltenyi Biotec, Dendreon, Anosys, Cerus, Argos Involved in EPO production using CHO cell for the first time to establish standard for mammalian cell system. Worked with Dendreon for the first clinical study for DC therapy. Worked with Anosys for the first Exosome study for cancer treatment. Worked with Miltenyi biotec for regenerative therapy using CD133+/CD34+ cell. Worked for platelet production from iPS cell.


Director, Research and Development Division, Research Foundation for Community Medicine

Chairperson, Asian Cellular Therapy Organization, Secretary, International Society for Cellular Therapy Asian Region

Editorial Board Member for Cytotherapy, Associate Editor-in-Chief for J. Immuno Cell Therapy

Academic Position:

Hematology Institute, Peking Union Medical College, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Peking University, School of Oncology, Fourth Military Medical University, Heilongjiang Hematology Institute, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Dalian Nationality College


1969 B. Sc., Agricultural Department, University of Tokyo, Japan

1985 – 1986 Research Scientist, Institute of Applied Microbiology, University of Tokyo, Japan

1987  Ph. D., Agricultural Department, University of Tokyo, Japan

2017 Speakers

"It was a very interesting event as all participants, including speakers were ready to exchange, even on the most challenging subjects such as reimbursement, GMP guidance."

Bertrand Alexandre, Director, Marketing Europe, Celyad