10-12 September 2018 //  Lancaster Royal Hotel, London


Gopalan Narayanan

Dr Gopalan Narayanan

Vice-President, Disruptive Biologics, Voisin Consulting Life Sciences

Dr Narayanan provides leadership in the area of complex and disruptive biologics such as Cell and Gene therapies, including guidance on product development and regulatory strategy and in the global effort of rationalising the development process through which such disruptive biologics can be brought to patients faster and more efficiently.

Narayanan was a senior regulator at the UK MHRA for nearly 12 years as an expert medical assessor, and 4 years as Manager of the Biologicals Unit. He was a member of the Committee for Advanced Therapies (EMA/CAT 2009 – 2013), Scientific Advice Working Party (CHMP/SAWP 2009 - 2013) representing  EMA/CAT, Biosimilar Working Party (EMA/BMWP) and Gene Therapy Working Party (CAT/GTWP).

Narayanan qualified as a physician, and has dual specialist postgraduate qualification in general internal medicine and pharmaceutical medicine. He is currently on the Scientific Editorial Board of Human Gene Therapy Clinical Development journal and is a Review Editor of Regulatory Science section of Frontiers in Medicine, and is based in the UK.


2017 Speakers

"It was a very interesting event as all participants, including speakers were ready to exchange, even on the most challenging subjects such as reimbursement, GMP guidance."

Bertrand Alexandre, Director, Marketing Europe, Celyad