10-12 September 2018 //  Lancaster Royal Hotel, London

Tactiva Therapeutics


Tactiva Therapeutics, Associate Sponsor at Cell & Gene Therapy Europe

Tactiva Therapeutics is a company engaged in TCR therapy for the treatment of solid tumors.  Our Dual Enhanced Adoptive Cell Therapy (DEACT) platform combines CD8 TCR with hematopoietic stem cell-derived, tumor recognizing CD4 TCR that destroys tumor.  This strategy provides for an endless supply of CD4 to increase the persistence of CD8 activity while at the same time increasing the potency via dual TCR cytolytic effect.

2017 Speakers

"It was a very interesting event as all participants, including speakers were ready to exchange, even on the most challenging subjects such as reimbursement, GMP guidance."

Bertrand Alexandre, Director, Marketing Europe, Celyad